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São Jorge is an island for people who like a quiet and natural atmosphere. The island is still relatively unspoilt and you can make beautiful walks along paths that also are used by farmers to work on their fajãs.

The island has a length of 56 km, a width of 8 km, and has mountains up to 1050 m altitude. Many of them have volcanic craters. The island is very green and flowery, with characteristic villages along the coast. It has beautiful views over the ocean and over the landscape. From the top of the island you can see four other islands. It also is a nice place for bird watching.

It is very well possible to have an active holiday. There are many opportunities to rent a boat to explore the islands and the ocean. Around the islands, whales, dolphins and other marine animals can be seen. There are excellent spots for snorkelling and diving because the water is very clear, with colourful fish. On you can find possibilities for canyoning and speleology.

You can make walks to extinct volcanoes and deserted villages. There are no sandy beaches on the island, but there are good swimming spots created in bays and harbours. The island has lovely villages with restaurants and terraces.

Read more about the walks and swimming spots

Local people often organize activities:

  • sopas: long tables with soup, meat and wine
  • touradas: bulls at a rope on a street
  • colorful processions
  • music (folk, house, rock)

It is very easy to visit the islands Pico and Faial while you are on São Jorge. There are daily boat connections between these islands. Graciosa and Terceira also can be visited, but the boat connections differ every year.

Because the distances on São Jorge are too long to go by foot, we recommend renting a car. Public transport is scarce. A car costs about 40,- euro per day plus fuel. For July and August it is recommended to make reservations.

At 150 metres from our holidayhouse you can take a refreshing dive and have a drink and a snack on the very nice terrace with a splendid view on the islands Pico and Faial. Sometimes you can even see dolphins or a seaturtle pass by.


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