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Route Amsterdam – Lissabon – Terceira
The easiest route is to fly from Amsterdam to Lisbon and from Lisbon to Terceira (Lajes). This can be done in one day. You leave at 12.30 hours from Schiphol. Less than three hours later you are in Lisbon. Your luggage can be sent directly to Terceira. So in Lisbon you only have hand luggage. In Lisbon you can take a bus to the centre of Lisbon, to drink a good glass along the river Tejo, or to visit the city. There is a bus connection from the airport to the centre of Lisbon to a small port (with terraces) along the Tejo. The bus leaves every 20 minutes and one round trip takes approximately one hour. Around 18.00 hours your plane leaves for Terceira. That flight takes just over 2 hours. On the Azores it is one hours earlier than in Lisbon, so in the evening around 20.30 hours you can have a coffee on a terrace at the seaside , in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. After a stay of one or more days on Terceira you can travel to Sao Jorge by boat or by plane (SATA).

In winter it is recommended to travel by aeroplane ( Terceira – São Jorge – Terceira costs € 108, – pp) instead of travelling by boat (€ 80, -). In winter boat connections are less frequent and weather circumstances can cause delays. For more information about ferry boats you can visit:

If you are travelling via Terceira we can recommend a hotel that we have experienced as pleasant. You can book via the internet at:


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