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The ocean around São Jorge is fantastic. The clear blue water and the views on the beautiful green mountains of the islands are spectacular. From Pico (Lajes) you can make a whale watch trip (3 hours) with a professional organization. We make trips approximately 12 trips a year around one of the islands São Jorge, Pico and Faial. Unfortunately we are not allowed to invite paying guests on our boat, unless they are friends or family. We only use our boat when the sun shines and the sea is flat. Then you see dolphins and whales much better.

Film of dolphins under water
15 MB – 1 minuut 26 seconden

Often we see large groups of dolphins, sometimes in large groups of hundreds of animals. Mostly we see spotted dolphins, common dolphins, and bottle nose dolphins. With some of these groups you can swim, but every group react different on humans. Sometimes they make clear that they do not like our presence by swimming away immediately. Or they form a ball of dolphins underneath you as a defense. Then we leave them in peace. But most of the time dolphins are curious and rush to the boat as soon as they spot us. As long as the boat has some speed they come from far to swim along. They clearly enjoy this. You can have close eye contact with them. Sometimes a year we meet striped dolphins, which are rather shy, pilot whales and risso’s dolphins.

We saw a sperm whale nearby the boat, making four jumps out of the water. Sometimes (especially in August and September) we see groups of sperm whales with up to 12 animals of different ages. They are very relaxed and do not seem to be bothered by us.

Film sperm whales 
20 MB – 32 seconds

Film sperm whales 1
34 MB – 43 seconds

Film sperm whales 2
29 MB – 42 seconds

In previous years we saw  large groups with around 50 false orcas and (jumping) North Atlantic bottlenose whale (14 m long). Almost every year (especially in April, May and June) we meet fin whales, sometimes 26 meters long.

Film sei whale 1
48 MB – 35 seconds

Film sei whale 2
22 MB – 41 seconds

Film sei whale 3
5MB – 32 seconds

Also from the coast you often can see dolphins and whales, even from the terrace of our guesthouse. We saw groups of sperm whales passing by and three times we saw orcas, of which one attacked a group of dolphins.

Regularly we see sea turtles, flying fish, white sharks, hammer sharks, tuna and several other species of large fish.


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